There a numerous different types of cut and trim level possible, to suit everyones needs.  This page provides a guide to the various options.


The salmon is sliced from head to tail along the length of the fish. This produces long narrow strips of salmon typically about 3 - 4 cm wide and varying in length. In retail packs, these are without brown meat. In Long Sliced Sides, some brown meat will remain.


The salmon is sliced vertically at varying angles down the length of the fish, to produce slices in the shape of a 'D'.


Varying levels of skinning are possible, producing every higher levels of trim (and price!)


Skin On

The skin is removed (as per clean skinning below) and the salmon is then lade back on the skin. This is the most economical way of slicing. It is only available in full sides of salmon.



Clean Skinned

All the brown meat and a shaving of silver is left on the slices.



Deep Skinned

Most of the brown meat is removed with the skinning, leaving a central 'V' line down the fillet,and a small triangle of brown on the bottom edge of the slice.


Deep Skinned 'V' Out

All the brown meat is removed from the slices leaving only orange coloured meat.



Removal of Napes and Tails

Where slice size needs to be more uniform, the smaller slices from the neck and tail of the fish can also be removed, the number of which depends on the size tolerance needed.


Portion Control

Both sides and packs can be made so that individual slices can be within set weight tolerance. Tolerances vary depending on the actual specification but are typically +/- 5g.



Fully trimmed but not sliced, these can be skin on or skinless. Skinning levels can be changed in line with the detail outlined under DCUT.

The most expensive cut of salmon, utilizing the shoulder only of the fish. It has no brown meat. These are available in fixed weight 200g size or 300-500g fillets.



Raw salmon fillets can be produced to varying specifications. A chart outlining the varying trim levels is shown. These are usually sold vacuum packed and frozen.  Ready to eat Suhi Grade is available    - CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE